User Fees

Gwinnett Cuts Costs and Raises Revenue

Gwinnett County Press Release

Posted: April 26, 2011
On April 19, Gwinnett Commissioners approved two more recommendations aimed at improving the County’s financial position. Even after closing an $18 million gap in the 2011 budget in March, County staff has continued to monitor and balance expenses and revenues on a monthly basis.

The Board of Commissioners cut a total of $1.49 million in expenses from various departments. Twenty firefighter positions will stay vacant until November and three vacant jobs in transportation and one in transit will be eliminated. The County also cut money budgeted for a possible runoff in the recent special election and realigned expenses in the Support Services Department. In addition, the Board of Commissioners also accepted a recommendation to raise revenues by increasing fees paid to Corrections by first time offenders in the supervised Work Alternative Program.

To read more about these recommendations, please view the Gwinnett County press release by clicking here.

Commission Closes $18 Million Budget Gap

Gwinnett County Press Release

Posted: March 17, 2011
The Gwinnett County Commission approved two recommendations on Tuesday, March 15 that finished closing the County’s $18 million 2011 budget deficit. One of these recommendations is the increase in the County’s 2011 revenue estimate, which is based primarily on new judicial fees being generated through the County’s court system as a result of legislation passed by the Georgia General Assembly in 2010. The legislation (HB 1055) will result in $1,158,382 in increased fee income through the Clerk of Court and another $250,000 from the County’s Probate Court.

To read more about this recommendation, please view the Gwinnett County press release by clicking here.

Emergency Medical Transport Charges Raised to Cover Costs

Gwinnett County Press Release

Posted: February 14, 2010
On February 1, Gwinnett commissioners raised the charge for Gwinnett Fire and Emergency Services emergency medical transports by $225 per trip, covering more of the cost of providing emergency medical transport services. The change takes effect immediately and will increase the base cost of emergency transport in Gwinnett County from $750 to $975.

To read more on the increased fee for medical transport, please view the Gwinnett County press release by clicking here.

Engage Gwinnett User Fee Recommendations

Engage Gwinnett

Posted: June 23, 2010
The Engage Gwinnett Committee made recommendations to increase user fees in various departments such as Community Services, Judiciary, Planning and Development, and Water Resources.To read more on these recommendations, please view the Engage Gwinnett Final Report by clicking here.